Operating out of a state of the art facility, C&S is a single source provider for the complete overhaul/repair of your 54H60 propeller system.

C&S Services

A full service facility devoted to all aspects of maintenance, repair and overhaul to the 54H60 propeller system.

    Blade Assembly
  • Blades
  • Blade Cuff
  • De Icing Heater
  • Hub Assembly
  • Piston Assembly
  • Low Pitch Stop
  • Pitchlock Regulator
  • Rotating and Stationary Cams
  • Front and Rear Spinners
    Pump Housing
    Valve Housing

Mission Statement

The mission of C&S Propeller is to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers across the globe. Our dedication to knowledge, solutions, and relationships of propeller systems ensures operators reliable and continuous service life throughout TBO. Maintaining our position as a quality small business, C&S customers can always expect reliable and timely delivery along with personal attention to their needs.


Founded in 1968, C&S has always remained a small business focused on personalized customer support.

C&S gained entry to the 54H60 propeller market as a sub-contractor for Lockheed whereby C&S assembled and tested factory new propellers for the P3 Orion manufacturing program in Burbank, California.

Over the years C&S has grown into a single source provider of all aspects of maintenance repair, and overhaul of all models of the 54H60 propeller system, but focuses its business today on the propeller system found on the Lockheed C-130 airframe.

p3 Orion Factory